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Welcome to NerdCube, the ultimate destination for European LEGO fans!

We are dedicated to helping you find the best deals and offers on LEGO products, as well as keeping you up to date on the latest news and releases. Our site features a range of content, including exclusive discounts and coupons, news updates, helpful guides and reviews, all designed to enhance your LEGO experience.

Whether you are a seasoned collector or just getting started, we have something for everyone. Join our community today and stay connected via our Telegram channel and newsletter. Plus, follow us on social media to never miss a beat. Thank you for choosing NerdCube!

What can I find on NerdCube?

On NerdCube we have one mission: to help LEGO fans to find their favorite sets at the best possibile price!

With that in mind, on NerdCube you will find several types on contents:

  • Deals and Offers: every day we scrape the web to look for the best savings opportunities on LEGO products. In many cases these will be offers open to the public, but in some cases we will try to bring exclusive offers to our subscribers. In all cases, the proposed purchases are on verified and secure websites.
  • Coupons: when the list price of the products is still too high, our discount codes come into play. Thanks to our partnership with some of the best European stores, we are able to offer our members exclusive discount codes for extra savings on LEGO!
  • News: LEGO publishes hundreds of new products every year, to which are added new lines, contests, projects and much more! To stay updated on all the LEGO news you can rely on our blog!
  • Guides: whether you’ve been a lifelong LEGO fan or you have just started recently, there’s always something new to learn about this hobby. Our guides can therefore be your starting point in LEGO collecting, or give you new tools to make you a true expert.
  • Reviews: often the best way to understand the pros and cons of a product is to get to work and test it for yourself. With our reviews you will be able to evaluate the quality of many LEGO sets or accessories for collectors.

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    Who runs NerdCube?

    NerdCube has been founded in 2022 by Luca Piva, who previously launched the italian website “Affari da Nerd” in 2017. Luca’s goal has always been to create an online community to bring together people with the same passions. After the success of the Italian group, which now has more than 40,000 members, he decided to broaden his horizons to offer an open portal to all European LEGO enthusiasts.

    NerdCube is owned by Luca Piva, with VAT number IT04060760982

    NerdCube is now managed by a tight-knit group of LEGO enthusiast, who have teamed up to operate this website and to manage its community.

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    You can contact us via email: info@nerdcube.eu

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    Our passion for what we do has evolved into a full-time occupation.

    Maintaining a website professionally and consistently requires a significant amount of resources and effort. In order to keep our service free for users and avoid filling the site with advertisements, we have chosen to fund the site through affiliation. When you click on one of our links and make a purchase or take some other action, the seller may pay us a small percentage. This percentage does not affect the final price paid by the user, but it does help us keep the site running.

    As of December 2022, we have a partnership with the following sites:

    • LEGO
    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • Zavvi
    • FireStar Toys
    • Minifigures.com
    • Wicked Brick
    • Game of Bricks
    • Lightailing

    Our ethics:

    From time to time we may publish articles, guides, codes about products or services offered by our affiliate partners. In all circumstances we strive to advertise only products and services that we have tested directly, and with which we were satisfied.

    Sometimes we may receive a free copy of a product to review: when this happens we always specify the origin of the product in the review. We always try to be objective in our reviews, regardless of whether we have received a free product, and under no circumstances will we accept payment in exchange for a positive review.