LEGO Sets Retiring in July 2024!

LEGO Sets Retiring in July 2024!

by Andrea Certo

Attention, adult LEGO enthusiasts and collectors! We have some exciting news for you. In this article, we will reveal the highly-anticipated list of LEGO sets retiring in July 2024. This means that these sets will soon be discontinued, making them highly sought-after items for LEGO aficionados like you.

Watch these LEGO set lists closely, because by the end of the month they will be withdrawn from the market, and therefore their value will likely increase. So whether you want to get your hands on these sets to add to your collection, or you want some LEGO investment opportunities, this guide has you covered!

LEGO End Of Life for July 2024: all you have to know

Before giving you the complete list of LEGO EOL July 2024 sets, we want to make some important clarifications:

  • The LEGO Group almost never officially shares the list of products that will be retired. But that doesn’t mean that accurate estimates cannot be made!
  • On the official LEGO site, you can find all the sets tagged as “Retiring Soon”… But this page is often incomplete or out of date, so our list will be very useful for you.
  • Every year LEGO releases an average of 800 new products, this means that older products have to gradually phase out. The average life of a set is 2/3 years, but longer-lived sets are not uncommon, as are sets that disappear much sooner
  • To compile this list, analyzes were made on the LEGO product database, cross-referenced with the scattered information that retailers receive.
  • For all these reasons, our list of LEGO sets retiring in 2023 is reliable but not infallible: minor changes are possible over time, come back to visit us for updates, or subscribe to our Telegram Channel to not miss the news!

The full list of LEGO Sets Retiring Soon in July 2024

ThemeSet #Set NameRetirement Date
Avatar75572Jake & Neytiri’s First Banshee FlightJuly 31, 2024
Avatar75574Toruk Makto & Tree of SoulsJuly 31, 2024
Avatar75575Ilu DiscoveryJuly 31, 2024
Avatar75576Skimwing AdventureJuly 31, 2024
Avatar75579Payakan the Tulkun & CrabsuitJuly 31, 2024
Disney43213The Little Mermaid Story BookJuly 31, 2024
Disney43220Peter Pan & Wendy’s Storybook AdventureJuly 31, 2024
Duplo10872Train Bridge and TracksJuly 31, 2024
Duplo10874Steam TrainJuly 31, 2024
Duplo10875Cargo TrainJuly 31, 2024
Duplo10882Train TracksJuly 31, 2024
Friends41724Paisley’s HouseJuly 31, 2024
Friends41744Sports CenterJuly 31, 2024
Friends41754Leo’s RoomJuly 31, 2024
Harry Potter75969Hogwarts Astronomy TowerJuly 31, 2024
Harry Potter76388Hogsmeade Village VisitJuly 31, 2024
Jurassic Park76957Velociraptor EscapeJuly 31, 2024
Super Mario71360Adventures with Mario Starter CourseJuly 31, 2024
Super Mario71387Adventures with Luigi Starter CourseJuly 31, 2024
Super Mario71395Super Mario 64 Question Mark BlockJuly 31, 2024
Super Mario71403Adventures with Peach Starter CourseJuly 31, 2024
Super Mario71408Peach’s Castle Expansion SetJuly 31, 2024
Super Mario71419Peach’s Garden Balloon Ride Expansion SetJuly 31, 2024
Super Mario71420Rambi the Rhino Expansion SetJuly 31, 2024
Super Mario71421Dixie Kong’s Jungle Jam Expansion SetJuly 31, 2024
Super Mario71425Diddy Kong’s Mine Cart Ride Expansion SetJuly 31, 2024

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We hope this article has sparked your enthusiasm and provided valuable insight into the LEGO sets retiring in July 2024. As an adult LEGO fan, this is your chance to seize these limited edition sets and add them to your collection. Remember, once they’re gone, they’re gone for good, making them highly sought-after and potentially valuable items in the future.

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