August 2023: the TOP 10 of LEGO Bestsellers sets

August 2023: the TOP 10 of LEGO Bestsellers sets

by Andrea Certo

It’s time to reveal the top 10 bestseller LEGO sets of August 2023! This ranking was compiled by analyzing the purchases made by NerdCube users. Although it wasn’t published directly by The LEGO Group, it gives us a good idea of which sets were most popular during this month.

You should note that The LEGO Group does not publicly release the official rankings. However, their online store does have a section dedicated to their bestselling sets, albeit without a specific order.

Great, let’s not waste any more time and dive right into the top 10 most purchased LEGO sets in August 2023!

10th position


Walt Disney Tribute Camera

  • Set code 43230
  • Pieces 811 PCS
  • Minifigures included 3

Showcase your passion for all things Disney with this eye-catching LEGO Disney Walt Disney Tribute Camera

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Despite being a pre-order (no longer the case since September 1st), this set still managed to make it into this list! A never-before-seen achievement! Here you can find our most in-depth article about the set!

9th position


Himeji Castle

  • Set code 43222
  • Pieces 4837 PCS
  • Minifigures included 8

Based on several well-known Disney Princess films, this detailed set showcases different rooms, classic Disney references, nostalgic details, plus a special time capsule commemorating 100…

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8th position


Audi RS Q e-tron

  • Set code 42160
  • Pieces 914 PCS

The shield rests on a stand incorporating a nameplate and comes with a Captain America minifigure with its own shield and Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir

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7h position


Venomised Groot

  • Set code 76249
  • Pieces 630 PCS

Adaptations include Venom’s familiar long tongue, sharp teeth, tentacles and large white eyes. The model’s arms, legs, hips and head are movable

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6th position


332nd Ahsoka's Clone Trooper Battle Pack

Star Wars
  • Set code 75359
  • Pieces 108 PCS
  • Minifigures included 4

Include a new-for-August-2023 Clone Captain Vaughn LEGO minifigure with a special helmet and 3 332nd Clone Troopers, plus a blaster rifle, 3 blasters and 2…

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5th position


Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica

  • Set code 42161
  • Pieces 806 PCS

Its authentic details are designed to thrill super sports car fans and include a V10 engine, opening doors and steering.

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4th position


Batwing: Batman vs. The Joker

  • Set code 76265
  • Pieces 357 PCS
  • Minifigures included 2

With iconic characters and endless high-flying adventures, this versatile playset will delight young superheroes aged 8 and over.

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3rd position


Eldorado Fortress

  • Set code 10320
  • Pieces 2509 PCS
  • Minifigures included 8

This tribute to the iconic 1980s model (6276) comes with new features that will thrill fans of the LEGO Pirates range

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2nd position


Tranquill Garden

  • Set code 10315
  • Pieces 1363 PCS

Rewind as you craft each beautiful detail and enjoy rearranging the flora to create that perfect look for display in the home or office.

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June 2023: 1st position



  • Set code 10321
  • Pieces 1210 PCS

Capture the look and feel of Chevrolet’s revered 1961 cabriolet sports car as you assemble each iconic detail piece by piece!

Buy now at LEGO.com

The list of the best-selling sets reflects a lot on the latest releases of the month! It’s clear that these sets have captured the attention of LEGO fans, leading to a surge in their sale!

We hope that this ranking has satisfied your curiosity regarding the best-selling LEGO sets of August 2023, and perhaps even introduced you to some unexpected sets that made the top 10!

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