Bricklink Designer Program announces the 5 finalists of Series 1

Bricklink Designer Program announces the 5 finalists of Series 1

by Luca Piva

The BrickLink Designer Program has closed the crowd support phase, and has announced the 5 sets finalists of Series 1!

These Series 1 designs will go to Crowdfunding in February 2024: if a set receives more than 3,000 pre-orders, it will be produced in a limited, one-time run of up to 20,000 sets.

The 5 finalists of BDP Series 1

  1. Mountain Fortress by Sleepless Night: This is a mountain fortress built on top of a tall rock formation. It features a fortified gate, a watchtower, a stable for horses, and a secret entrance through a waterfall. The fortress also includes a throne room, a bedroom, and a training ground for soldiers.
  2. Old Train Engine Shed by Mind_the_Brick: This is a large masonry brick building with six large windows and two large doors. It features a fully equipped workshop for the maintenance of locomotives. The building includes a variety of machinery and tools, an overhead crane, and a pump for supplying water to the engines.
  3. Parisian Street by NicolasCarlier: This is a modular building consisting of three levels. The ground floor includes a bakery and a café, while the second and third floors feature apartments. The building also includes a rooftop terrace with a garden and a view of the Eiffel Tower.
  4. Snack Shack by Skeletuhr: This is a 548-piece build inspired by a food truck in Key West, Florida. It resembles a classic travel trailer and features a fully equipped snack bar with a detailed interior, including a deep fryer, a milkshake machine, a press grill, and a condiment station. The trailer can be easily removed from the base for placement anywhere in a LEGO city.
  5. General Store by llucky: This is a small one-story building with a unique color scheme and horizontal boarding walls. It serves as the heart of Lucky Town, a small mining community in the Wild West. It sells almost everything essential in a mining town, from vegetables and baked goods to mining equipment and dynamite.

Mountain Fortress by Sleepless Night

The Black Falcon was once a prominent baron in the Old Kingdom, but when the Lion Knights took over, plans for his daughter Kunegunde to marry the king were thwarted after the baron’s death in a joust. Kunegunde decided to take matters into her own hands, and with the help of her younger sister, a royal falconer, they successfully orchestrated the king’s abduction during a hunting trip. The king is now being secretly held in a remote and inaccessible mountain fortress, as Kunegunde prepares for a winter campaign against the queen.

The fortress is particularly noteworthy for its winter setting, featuring snow-capped mountains and icicles. It consists of an upper and lower castle, connected by a drawbridge over a frozen moat. The structure is impressively large and utilizes almost the maximum allowed number of pieces. The building is also designed to be foldable and includes removable sections for easy access to the interior. While the construction process may not be overly difficult, advanced builders will appreciate the unexpected details and techniques used throughout, including the use of Technic pieces for both structural and decorative purposes.

Old Train Engine Shed by Mind_the_Brick

At almost midnight, the workers at the Old Train Engine Shed are busy tending to their duties. James and Julia have just arrived on a draisine and are preparing for the arrival of a large locomotive. Inside the shed, Robert is cutting wire, Julia is checking lanterns, and Frank is servicing a lathe. Andrea is on a coffee break in the little shack, while Sam feeds his Alsatian dog, Oscar, who guards the gate.

The Old Train Engine Shed is built with masonry bricks and has six large windows and two large doors for locomotives to enter and exit. The shed is equipped with a variety of machinery and tools, including an old lathe, a vice, a bench drill press, an oxyacetylene welder, and many useful hardware. At the top of the building, a fully functional overhead crane can lift and move heavy locomotives, and a pump supplies water to the engines at the front of the shed.

The building can accommodate a train engine up to 37 studs long, with its wagon pulling up to the front tracks. The Old Train Engine Shed is made up of 2298 bricks, including the six minifigures.

Parisian Street by NicolasCarlier

The creator of the Parisian Street model is a French native who resides near Paris. Drawing inspiration from the city’s classic streetscapes and charming shops, the builder spent several days researching and collecting references, including photographs and paintings, to accurately capture the authentic ambiance of a traditional Parisian setting.

The model consists of 3465 pieces and includes seven minifigures and 16 stickers for decorating the model. It features Haussmann-style facades of varying heights and floor sizes, with small interior scenes included throughout.

The ground floor boasts a large bakery, a small flower shop, and a Bistrot located in the corner. The second floor features a large luxury living room, a small kitchen with a dining area, and a billiard hall. The third floor offers a two-room apartment with a bathroom, an atelier, and a small bedroom/apartment. On the fourth floor, there is a small apartment with a rooftop terrace, evoking a classic Parisian atmosphere.

To enhance the visual appeal of the model, the builder crafted each facade with a distinct appearance while staying true to the Parisian architectural style. A public staircase divides the model into two sections.

Snack Shack by Skeletuhr

The Snack Shack, a 548-piece build, offers a complete snack bar experience with a deep fryer, milkshake machine, press grill, condiment station, and fridge. The build is based on a classic travel trailer and inspired by a food truck in Key West, Florida. The interior is fully detailed and accessible through a back hinge. However, visitors should be cautious of nearby animals that might be enticed by the delicious snacks. The detachable trailer makes it a versatile addition to any LEGO city.

General Store by llucky

Lucky Town, a small mining community in the late 19th century Wild West, centers around the general store built over 30 years ago by the owner. Though showing surface damage, the store remains a vital part of the town, regularly visited by residents and local farmers. The store offers a diverse range of goods, from vegetables and baked goods to mining equipment and dynamite, catering to the essential needs of a mining town where anyone can catch gold fever.

The one-story building features an intriguing color scheme, with sand blue and white accessories blending with horizontal boarding walls. A large roof above the entrance provides protection from the sun, while a smaller roof shelters vegetable and fruit boxes on the side. The porch also boasts a rocking chair, which the owner loves to relax in. Inside, multiple shelves hold mining equipment and canned food, and a cloche displays freshly baked muffins made by the owner’s wife. A classic cash register sits on the counter, while a stove keeps the store warm during colder months.

On the flat roof, we see supplies of straw for animals and barrels of liquor and gunpowder. Behind the building, there is additional stock and a large barrel of water. A cactus and shriveled tree stand next to the store. Currently, a wagon loaded with new supplies is heading to the store, likely to replenish the stocks.