LEGO Mona Lisa: Bring Leonardo da Vinci’s Masterpiece to Life!

LEGO Mona Lisa: Bring Leonardo da Vinci’s Masterpiece to Life!

by Andrea Certo

Create Your Own Masterpiece with LEGO Mona Lisa

Get ready to bring a piece of art history into your home with the new LEGO Mona Lisa (31213) set. This stunning LEGO Art set allows you to recreate Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic painting, offering a unique and immersive building experience. Perfect for art lovers and LEGO enthusiasts alike! This set provides a creative challenge and a beautiful addition to your home decor!


Mona Lisa

  • Set code 31213
  • Pieces 1503 PCS

Art-lovers can enjoy an immersive and joyful project as they assemble this bold and unique interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci’s art on their own or…

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A Bold and Unique Interpretation

The LEGO Mona Lisa set features a bold interpretation of the original artwork. The painting is presented in a striking blue hue. This reflecting the colors da Vinci used over 500 years ago before the paint aged and changed. This creative twist gives the piece a fresh and contemporary feel while honoring its historical roots.

Detailed and Customizable Design

The set includes 1,503 pieces, meticulously designed to capture the essence of the Mona Lisa. The buildable painting measures over 43 cm (17 in) high, 30 cm (11.5 in) wide, and 4 cm (1.5 in) deep. This making it a substantial and eye-catching piece of wall art! One of the unique features of this set is the ability to swap out the pieces that form Mona Lisa’s famous eyes with blank pieces, allowing you to create a more abstract version of the artwork.

Elegant Gold Frame

The LEGO Mona Lisa comes with an elegant gold frame, adding a touch of sophistication to your display. The frame is detachable and can be used to showcase other LEGO Art pieces from your collection, providing versatility in your home decor. Whether you hang it in your living room, office, or gallery wall, this piece is sure to draw attention and admiration.

A Gift for Art Lovers

This set is not just a treat for yourself but also makes a perfect gift for the art lovers in your life. The immersive building experience offers a creative escape, and the finished piece is a testament to the blend of art and craftsmanship. Whether for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, the LEGO Mona Lisa is a thoughtful and impressive gift idea!

Celebrate a Masterpiece

As you build, you’ll appreciate the intricate details and the thoughtful design that went into this LEGO Art set. The included instructions booklet provides guidance, and you can further enhance your experience by listening to the special Soundtrack. Packed with fascinating content about the Mona Lisa and its timeless appeal the Soundtrack adds an auditory layer to your creative journey.

Available for Pre-Order Now!

The LEGO Mona Lisa set will be available starting October 1st. But you can pre-order it now to ensure you don’t miss out on this incredible addition to your collection! To stay updated on all the latest news and releases, follow our Telegram channel for real-time notifications and keep an eye on the news section of our website.

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In conclusion, the LEGO Mona Lisa set offers a unique opportunity to recreate one of the world’s most famous artworks in LEGO form. Its detailed design, customizable features, and elegant presentation make it a standout piece for any LEGO or art collection. Don’t wait! Pre-order yours today and get ready to embark on a creative adventure this October!