LEGO Ideas project “Dreamwork’s Shrek Swamp” reaches 10.000 Supporters

LEGO Ideas project “Dreamwork’s Shrek Swamp” reaches 10.000 Supporters

by Luca Piva

Dreamworks‘ beloved animation saga, Shrek, has captured the hearts of millions since its premiere over 20 years ago. Now, a dedicated LEGO fan has brought the enchanting world of Shrek to life with the LEGO Ideas project called “Dreamworks’ Shrek Swamp.” This milestone of reaching 10,000 supporters signifies the project’s potential to become an official LEGO set, making it an exciting development for LEGO collectors and fans of the iconic franchise.

The “Dreamworks’ Shrek Swamp” Project

“Dreamworks’ Shrek Swamp” is a meticulously designed LEGO model that pays homage to the whimsical and endearing world of Shrek. The creator’s deep nostalgia and affection for the animation saga are evident in every piece of this remarkable build. The project captures the essence of Shrek’s popularity as a timeless pop culture icon, ensuring it will never go out of fashion.

The model’s main highlight is the faithful and accurate representation of the movie’s characters. Crafting the perfect shapes for each character was a challenging task, especially for the iconic Shrek himself. To cater to different preferences, the project proposes two versions of Shrek: the ‘BigFig’ for aesthetics and a playable minifigure that can interact with the build of his own swamp and bathroom. This attention to detail enhances the playability and collectability of the LEGO set.

The set includes the essential characters that have become synonymous with the Shrek movies. From the lovable Shrek and Fiona to the memorable Big Bad Wolf, Little Pig, and Pinocchio, each minifigure adds depth and authenticity to the build. Additionally, two baby molds feature Gingy and the Blind Mice, while the beloved Donkey completes the cast of characters.

Follow the LEGO Ideas project “Dreamworks’ Shrek Swamp

Reaching 10,000 supporters is a significant milestone for the “Dreamworks’ Shrek Swamp” LEGO Ideas project. However, it’s important to note that the project now enters the review phase by the LEGO team. While there is still a waiting period ahead, in a few months, we will learn whether this extraordinary LEGO set will be approved for production.

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