LEGO Lord of the Rings 10316 Rivendell is now available with double GWPs!

LEGO Lord of the Rings 10316 Rivendell is now available with double GWPs!

by Luca Piva

The wait is finally over for fans of LEGO and The Lord of the Rings: the highly anticipated LEGO Icons The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell set, is now available at a price of 499,99€, and with Double Gifts with Purchase!



Lord of the Rings
  • Set code 10316
  • Pieces 6167 PCS
  • Minifigures included 15

Based on the Middle-earth valley where the quest in the Lord of the Rings trilogy began and is filled with details and references from the…

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This 6167 pieces set, inspired by the award-winning film adaptations, is a highly detailed representation of the iconic Elven stronghold from Middle-earth.

The set features 15 minifigures, including all nine members of the Fellowship, and various iconic locations and items from the films. You can easily find Frodo’s bedroom, the Council Ring and Elrond’s study, and to enhance the scene an Elven tower, a gazebo, a river, and a bridge. It also includes several new LEGO elements from the world of Middle-earth! Bilbo’s sword, Sting, the broken shards of Narsil, Aragorn’s ranger sword, Boromir’s sword, and even more!

Dive into the world of The Lord of the Rings

The set is packed with fan favorite moments and Easter eggs, making it a must-have for all LEGO and The Lord of the Rings fans!

“We know many of our fans have been anticipating a set like this for a long-time – but a great LEGO The Lord of the Rings set is never late, it arrives precisely when it means to!”

Mike Psaiki, LEGO Design Master

In three sections, the set can be built to recreate various scenes from the films. The first section features the Council Ring, Frodo’s bedroom, and Elrond’s study. The second section is an elven tower featuring five Elven statues of famous warriors from the past. The third section is the gazebo, river, and bridge, recreating the scene where the Fellowship departs Rivendell.

Journey into Rivendell™ with this LEGO® The Lord of the Rings™ collectible (10316). Based on the Middle-earth™ valley where the famous quest began, this impressive 6,167-piece project for adults is bursting with details that film fans will adore.

Bring iconic scenes to life
The building set is decorated with foliage that creates the feeling of being deep inside the Rivendell™ forest and includes magical details including an elven forge, Elrond’s cluttered study, the Shards of Narsil™, plus paintings and statues from the history of Middle-earth™. It also comes with 15 minifigures to bring favourite scenes to life. The minifigures have detachable legs, so you can seat them around the table to recreate the iconic Council of Elrond™ scene.

Make time for you
This highly requested building set has been designed for The Lord of the Rings™ fans and film-lovers who appreciate stunning design.

  • Build a Middle-earth™ valley ⁠– Create and display a LEGO® version of Rivendell™ with this THE LORD OF THE RINGS: RIVENDELL™ (10316) building set for adults
  • 6,167 pieces filled with film magic ⁠– The set is an immersive project that’s bursting with details and references to The Lord of the Rings™ film trilogy that all fans will recognise
  • Detailed decor ⁠– Details include Frodo’s bedroom and Elrond’s study, and the different sections can be displayed separately: for example, the Council of Elrond™ can be lifted off the main model
  • Iconic characters ⁠– The building set features 15 minifigures, including legendary characters such as Frodo™, Sam™, Bilbo Baggins™, Boromir™, Gimli™, Aragorn™, Legolas and Gandalf the Grey™
  • Recreate your favourite scenes ⁠– The set makes it easy to recreate iconic moments including the Council of Elrond™ scene and the moment the Fellowship crosses the bridge at the start of their journey
  • Dimensions ⁠– The set measures over 39 cm (15 in.) high, 75 cm (29.5 in.) wide and 50 cm (19.5 in.) deep and splits into 3 sections: the tower, the council ring and the gazebo with river and bridge
  • Give as a gift ⁠– This set makes a thoughtful gift for film-lovers and fans of The Lord of the Rings™, who will love immersing themselves in Rivendell™
  • Make time for you ⁠– This building set is part of a collection of LEGO® projects for adults who appreciate stunning designs and intricate details
  • High-quality materials ⁠– LEGO® building bricks have been consistent, compatible and made from high-quality materials since 1958
  • Safety ensured ⁠– LEGO® building bricks and pieces have been rigorously tested and meet stringent safety requirements

Double Gifts with Purchase of LEGO Rivendell

VIP subscribers who purchase it early will also receive the LEGO Brickheadz 40630 Frodo & Gollum set as a Gift With Purchase, until 7 of March!


Frodo & Gollum

Lord of the Rings
  • Set code 40630
  • Pieces 184 PCS

Frodo comes as a full-size LEGO BrickHeadz figure wearing a brick-built cloak and holding the ring and a sword. The Gollum figure is smaller to…

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All the purchases over 250€ will also get the GWP 40583 Houses of the World 1, until 12 March or while stocks last.

Value 19,99€

Houses of the World 1

  • Set code 40583
  • Pieces 348 PCS

A typical South-American house, now built as micro-scale LEGO set.

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