Marine Life LEGO Set Sails to 10000 Supporters

Marine Life LEGO Set Sails to 10000 Supporters

by Andrea Certo

Dive into the World of LEGO

Welcome to the deep blue sea of LEGO Ideas. Today, we’re talking about a unique LEGO set that has just surfaced: the Marine Life set. This set has gained the attention of LEGO lovers worldwide and has now achieved the milestone of 10000 supporters.

Marine Life: A Deep Dive through 10000 supporters!

An ocean of creativity awaits in this set! With 1164 pieces, you can build your own underwater world. This set features a jellyfish, a clownfish, and a seahorse, all of which seem to be floating! This illusion is achieved by cleverly using a bell-shaped display case!

The set is complete with a base and a seabed, enhancing the overall aquatic theme. The display is customizable, as the sea creatures can be moved and placed in different positions. The creator of the set built it as a challenge to create animal figures, marking their first foray into natural-themed projects.

Go Beyond the Surface with LEGO Ideas

The LEGO Ideas program is full of deep-sea treasures like the Marine Life set! For those unfamiliar with the program, we recommend our guide on the LEGO Ideas process, available on this website!

The Marine Life set has now entered the review phase, after garnering 10000 supporters! We’re eager to see if this sea-themed set will sail into official LEGO stores!

Don’t Miss the Boat

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In conclusion, the Marine Life set is a deep dive into creativity! It’s a testament to the endless possibilities of our beloved LEGO! So, whether you’re a marine life enthusiast or a LEGO lover, this set is sure to make a splash!

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