September 2023: the TOP 10 of LEGO Bestsellers sets

September 2023: the TOP 10 of LEGO Bestsellers sets

by Andrea Certo

It’s time to reveal the top 10 bestseller LEGO sets of September 2023! This ranking was compiled by analyzing the purchases made by NerdCube users. Although it wasn’t published directly by The LEGO Group, it gives us a good idea of which sets were most popular during this month.

You should note that The LEGO Group does not publicly release the official rankings. However, their online store does have a section dedicated to their bestselling sets, albeit without a specific order.

Great, let’s not waste any more time and dive right into the top 10 most purchased LEGO sets in September 2023!

10th position


Battle of Endor Heroes

Star Wars
  • Set code 40623
  • Pieces 549 PCS

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi with 5 Battle of Endor Heroes!

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9th position


Peter Pan & Wendy's Flight over London

  • Set code 43232
  • Pieces 466 PCS
  • Minifigures included 3

The detailed diorama depicts the iconic flying scene from the classic film, featuring London’s Big Ben with 3 glow-in-the-dark clock faces, a cloud with stars…

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8th position


Walt Disney Tribute Camera

  • Set code 43230
  • Pieces 811 PCS
  • Minifigures included 3

Showcase your passion for all things Disney with this eye-catching LEGO Disney Walt Disney Tribute Camera

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7h position


Hogwarts Castle and Grounds

Harry Potter
  • Set code 76419
  • Pieces 2660 PCS
  • Minifigures included 1

Relive memorable Harry Potter scenes as you construct the Main Tower, Astronomy Tower, Great Hall and Boathouse, the courtyards, greenhouses, paths and bridges, and the…

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6th position


LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Star Wars
  • Set code 75366
  • Pieces 320 PCS
  • Minifigures included 4

It’s packed with collectible characters, mini build toys and accessories to play out Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and…

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5th position


Gringotts Wizarding Bank – Collectors' Edition

Harry Potter
  • Set code 76417
  • Pieces 4803 PCS
  • Minifigures included 13

Recreate the bank’s opulent foyer and mezzanine floor with a safe in the wall to store Hagrid’s secret letter.

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4th position


The Insect Collection

  • Set code 21342
  • Pieces 1111 PCS

This set features detailed, life-size, buildable models of a blue morpho butterfly, a Hercules beetle and a Chinese mantis in their natural habitats.

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3rd position


Winnie the Pooh

  • Set code 21326
  • Pieces 1265 PCS
  • Minifigures included 4

The house opens at the back for easy access to the authentic details inside, including Pooh’s buildable armchair, Pooh-Coo clock, Poohsticks, honey pot elements and…

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2nd position


Marvel Series 2

  • Set code 71039
  • Minifigures included 12

This eagerly anticipated sequel to the popular Series 1 features iconic characters from some of Marvel Studio’s most beloved Disney+ shows

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September 2023: 1st position



  • Set code 10318
  • Pieces 2083 PCS

Just like the real-life Anglo-French passenger jet, this detailed replica model has a tiltable droop nose, functioning landing gear, a retractable tail bumper wheel, delta…

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The list of the best-selling sets reflects a lot on the latest releases of the month! It’s clear that these sets have captured the attention of LEGO fans, leading to a surge in their sale!

We hope that this ranking has satisfied your curiosity regarding the best-selling LEGO sets of September 2023, and perhaps even introduced you to some unexpected sets that made the top 10!

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