Today is LEGO Build Day 2022

Today is LEGO Build Day 2022

Welcome to LEGO Build Day! This annual event is a celebration of creativity and building with LEGO bricks. On LEGO Build Day, people around the world gather their spare bricks and build something unique. Whether it’s big or small, simple or complex, it doesn’t matter – the important thing is to let your creativity shine. Once you’ve completed your build, share it with the world by posting it on social media with the hashtag #LEGOBuildDay.

But LEGO Build Day is more than just building. There are also fun challenges to participate in, like the Pickup Brickathon and the LEGO Laugh-Off. And if you want to get even more involved, you can download certificates and a scorecard to track your progress, as well as official LEGO Build Day awards to present to the winners.

So grab your bricks and get ready to build! Whether you’re an experienced LEGO builder or just starting out, LEGO Build Day is the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild and create something amazing.

What is LEGO Build Day?

On LEGO Build Day, people across the world gather their spare LEGO bricks and build – well, anything! It works like this: You build something unique. Then you share it with the world by tagging it with #LEGOBuildDay. That’s it!

When is LEGO Build Day?

This year (2022), LEGO Build Day is set for December 27th.

What should I build for LEGO Build Day?

“Should”? That’s a bad word around here! You decide what you build. Big, small, simple or wildly complicated, we love it all. You can build an extension to a current set you own, or unbuild and rebuild it into something completely different. Take a spaceship and rebuild it into a panda bear hammock. When it comes to creativity, let’s face it – you’re the expert!

How can I get involved in LEGO Build Day?

Build something with your spare LEGO bricks, and share it on the social media platform of your choice. Remember to tag it with #LEGOBuildDay so the whole world can see it!

LEGO Build Day Challenges:

Pickup Brickathon: Step 1: Pour out a pile of bricks. Step 2: Set a timer and race to pick up and put together as many bricks as possible. Step 3: Bonus points if what you put together resembles something awesome!

LEGO Laugh-Off: Step 1: Break up into teams. Secretly make 5 silly builds with just them. Step 2: Reveal each build to the other team one at a time. Step 3: You get a point for every laugh.

Prepare for LEGO Build Day:

Downloadable Certificates and Scorecard: Prep for a day of building with downloadable certificates and a scorecard!

Official Build Day Awards: Download these official LEGO Build Day awards to present to the winners of each of our unique Build Day challenges.