Unveiling the LEGO Ideas Moon Palace with 10000 Supporters

Unveiling the LEGO Ideas Moon Palace with 10000 Supporters

by Andrea Certo

In the thrilling world of LEGO Ideas one more project has achieved a significant milestone! The LEGO Moon Palace has garnered the milestone of 10000 supporters! This set is inspired by the legend of Chang’e and the moon rabbit!

In this article, we delve into the captivating tale behind this unique set and explore its intriguing features.

The Legend of Chang’e and the Moon Rabbit

At its core lies the heartwarming legend of Chang’e. She was once a mortal who attained immortality after consuming an elixir given by the gods. However, immortality came at the cost of eternal separation from her husband on Earth. She now resides in the moon palace, accompanied by the moon rabbit! The mythical character found in various East Asian cultures. People often associate the moon rabbit with the moon’s markings. Believing it symbolizes the act of pounding rice cakes on the moon. This concept of a moon palace for immortals finds resonance in Japanese folklore. Specifically the tale of Kaguya-hime, the bamboo cutter’s princess.

The LEGO Moon Palace: A Dreamlike Creation

The LEGO Ideas set masterfully captures the legend’s essence. It presents a fantastical scene with an intricately designed palace nestled within a floating crescent moon. Additionally, the moon includes a robust technic inner frame, ensuring structural stability.

Within the inner palace, you’ll discover a captivating blend of Asian architectural styles. Here, a resplendent golden arched bridge gracefully spans a serene lily pond. Moreover, the main buildings are adorned with enchanting cinnamon trees, an homage to folklore. This folklore recounts the perpetual toil of a character named Wu Gang, who tirelessly cuts a regenerating cinnamon tree on the moon—a tale evoking comparisons to the Asian Sisyphus.

The palace’s open-back design grants access to several playable rooms, including a kitchen with a tea table, the moon rabbit’s room, an art room for painting and calligraphy, and an astronomy/stargazing room at the pinnacle. The model is thoughtfully crafted to serve as both an exquisite display piece and a playset, catering to LEGO fans of all interests.

Play and Display: An Immersive Experience

Positioned slightly above the ‘water surface,’ the palace radiates a dreamy ambiance, enticing you to delve into its fantastical realm. Adding to the charm, a delightful Easter egg awaits: the ‘water splash,’ where the moon gracefully melds into the pond, showcases ingenious craftsmanship with LEGO rabbit elements, infusing a whimsical element into the set.

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If you have any doubts about how the process works that takes a LEGO Ideas project to become an actual set, you can read our guide about it!

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