Back to Hogwarts: LEGO’s Magical Event Celebrating Harry Potter

Back to Hogwarts: LEGO’s Magical Event Celebrating Harry Potter

by Andrea Certo

Back to Hogwarts – 2023: A Spellbinding Journey Begins

September 1st marks the start of a new Hogwarts school year, and this is valid for 2023 too! LEGO commemorates this magical period with a 10-day event on its website! Back to Hogwarts celebrates the universe of Harry Potter and offers an array of enchanting surprises! Let’s discover them togheter!

Welcome to Gringotts: The Collector’s Edition

The most exciting news is the early access to the LEGO Harry Potter 76417 Gringotts Wizarding Bank – Collectors’ Edition. LEGO Insiders can purchase this set starting September 1st, three days before its official release! Enrolling in the Insider program is free. Check out our guide for more information about! For a detailed look at the Gringotts Wizarding Bank set, refer to our dedicated article!


Gringotts Wizarding Bank – Collectors' Edition

Harry Potter
  • Set code 76417
  • Pieces 4803 PCS
  • Minifigures included 13

Recreate the bank’s opulent foyer and mezzanine floor with a safe in the wall to store Hagrid’s secret letter.

Buy now at LEGO.com

Exclusive GWPs: Catch Them If You Can

The event also introduces two enticing Gift With Purchases! The first is the LEGO Harry Potter 30651 Quidditch Practice polybag. Available earlier this year, it now returns as a GWP for purchases over €40 on Harry Potter sets!

Value 3,99€

Quidditch Practice

Harry Potter
  • Set code 30651
  • Pieces 55 PCS
  • Minifigures included 1

Fly with Cho Chang on the Quidditch field to catch the Golden Snitch in mid-air!

Get it at LEGO.com

The second GWP is a novelty: LEGO Harry Potter 40598 Gringotts Vault! This piggy bank, shaped like a Gringotts security chamber, is obtainable with purchases of Harry Potter sets totaling €130 or more.

Value 22,99€

Gringotts Vault

Harry Potter
  • Set code 40598
  • Pieces 212 PCS
  • Minifigures included 1

Features a buildable bank vault with an opening door, a detachable back and a coin slot on top. It can also be combined with LEGO…

Get it at LEGO.com

Hogwarts House Banners: Bundles with Benefits

Also debuting are bundles featuring the Hogwarts house banners sets. Purchasing Gryffindor and Ravenclaw sets together, or Slytherin and Hufflepuff sets, grants a 20% discount.

DIY Magic: Free Building Instructions

As a finishing touch, LEGO offers free downloadable instructions to build your own LEGO magic wand. Plus, there’s a PDF to create a themed Zoetrope! Find these on the event’s webpage.

Stay Connected: More LEGO News Await!

Back to Hogwarts promises a magical journey for LEGO and Harry Potter fans! Stay updated on this event and more LEGO news. Subscribe to our Telegram channel and follow the news section on this website!

Join us in this enchanting LEGO adventure, brick by brick.

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