Chameleon: 10000 supporters reached for this Ideas set!

Chameleon: 10000 supporters reached for this Ideas set!

by Andrea Certo

A Leap Into LEGO Ideas: The Veiled Chameleon Project

LEGO Ideas is a platform that nurtures creativity, allowing LEGO enthusiasts to share their unique designs with the world. The LEGO Ideas Project: “Chameleon”, reached the incredible milestone of 10000 supporters! This achievement is significant for LEGO collectors as it brings a new, fascinating creature into the LEGO universe.

The Chameleon: A Touch of Nature in LEGO

The veiled chameleon is native to the southwestern parts of the Arabian Peninsula. Is known for its distinctive gait and independently mobile eyes! This LEGO Ideas project has meticulously embodied these unique characteristics into the design.

The LEGO chameleon boasts moveable legs and a flexible tail, allowing for varied poses that mirror the creature’s natural movements. Whether standing on a surface or attached to the sleek stick on the display stand, the chameleon model is sure to captivate.

Emphasizing a minimalistic design, the display stand ensures that the model fits seamlessly into many settings. With 259 pieces, the project is a manageable build that delivers a satisfying finished product. The completed model measures 128 mm in length, 64 mm in width, and an impressive height of 284 mm. This making it a striking addition to any LEGO collection.

Stay Tuned: From Idea to Reality

LEGO Ideas projects that have reached the threshold of 10,000 supporters, like this chameleon, will enter the review phase by the LEGO team! In a few months, we will find out if this unique creature will evolve into an official LEGO set, bringing a touch of nature to LEGO enthusiasts! We’re keeping our fingers crossed! Because we can’t wait to display it next to The Insect Collection (you can find here an article about)!


The Insect Collection

  • Set code 21342
  • Pieces 1111 PCS

This set features detailed, life-size, buildable models of a blue morpho butterfly, a Hercules beetle and a Chinese mantis in their natural habitats.

Buy it at LEGO.com

If you want to learn more about how LEGO Ideas Program works, you can read our guide about it!

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