LEGO Ideas Insect Collection: An Entomologist’s Delight!

LEGO Ideas Insect Collection: An Entomologist’s Delight!

by Andrea Certo

Embark on a unique journey into the world of insects with the LEGO Ideas Insect Collection (21342). This set lets you build and display lifelike models of three fascinating insects: the vibrant Blue Morpho butterfly, the mighty Hercules beetle, and the elegant Chinese mantis.


The Insect Collection

  • Set code 21342
  • Pieces 1111 PCS

This set features detailed, life-size, buildable models of a blue morpho butterfly, a Hercules beetle and a Chinese mantis in their natural habitats.

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Blue Morpho Butterfly: Nature’s Masterpiece in Blue

The Blue Morpho butterfly, known for its stunning blue wings, is one of the stars of this collection. This model captures the butterfly’s beauty with LEGO elements in different shades of blue. The wings are adjustable, allowing you to display the butterfly in various positions. Alongside this beautiful insect is a buildable flower and a honeybee, creating a delightful natural scene.

Hercules Beetle: A Sturdy Titan of the Insect World

The Hercules beetle model showcases the impressive size and characteristic horns of the male species. With attachable wings, this model provides a realistic representation of the longest beetle in the world. It’s a perfect choice for those who appreciate the strength and grandeur of these amazing creatures.

Chinese Mantis: A Graceful Hunter in Miniature

The Chinese mantis, a species of praying mantis, is beautifully rendered in this set. This posable model features the mantis in striking detail, complete with its long, slender body and signature pose. Accompanied by a 7-spot ladybird, this display brings a touch of the exotic to your collection.

The LEGO Ideas Insect Collection: A Treat for Nature Lovers

The LEGO Ideas Insect Collection, featuring over 1,111 pieces, is the perfect gift for nature enthusiasts. Each insect model is designed for display, with the Chinese mantis model measuring over 18 cm high, 17 cm wide, and 16 cm deep. Separate building instructions for each model make this a great project to tackle solo or share with others.

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The LEGO Ideas Insect Collection will be available for everyone from September 7, with VIP Early Access starting on September 4. To ensure you don’t miss out, follow us on our Telegram channel and check the news section of this website for real-time updates and more. Happy building!

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