Disney Pixar’s Luxo Lamp: A Charming LEGO Ideas Project with Nostalgic Appeal!

Disney Pixar’s Luxo Lamp: A Charming LEGO Ideas Project with Nostalgic Appeal!

by Andrea Certo

Luxo Lamp: A Beacon of Animation History Now in LEGO Form

Disney Pixar’s Luxo Lamp, the most famous lamp in the world, has taken a significant step in its LEGO journey. This LEGO Ideas product, a brainchild of T0BY1KENOBI, has reached the remarkable milestone of 10,000 supporters. The iconic lamp first lit up our screens in the 1986 animated short film ‘Luxo Jr.’ and has been illuminating the Pixar logo ever since.

Why Disney Pixar’s Luxo Lamp Deserves a Spot in Your LEGO Collection

This LEGO set is more than just a model; it’s a playable piece of animation history. Its design allows for a range of fun activities. From hopping around to playing with the ball, Luxo Jr can showcase a personality as vibrant as its Pixar counterparts. The set’s adaptability also makes it ideal for stop-motion animations, a unique selling point.

Displaying Luxo Jr with other Pixar LEGO sets, such as WALL-E or characters from Toy Story, would create a delightful Pixar corner in your collection!

How LEGO Ideas Brought Luxo Jr to Life

LEGO Ideas is a platform where LEGO fans can submit their creations, hoping to reach the magic number of 10,000 supporters. Our guide on LEGO Ideas explains this process and how fans can participate. Disney Pixar’s Luxo Jr Lamp is the latest product to reach this milestone, bringing it one step closer to the shelves!

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