LEGO Ideas Announces “100 Years of Fairytales” Challenge Winner

LEGO Ideas Announces “100 Years of Fairytales” Challenge Winner

by Andrea Certo

Disney Magic by @2A2A Wins the Crown

In an exciting turn of events, LEGO recently held a contest, the LEGO Ideas “100 Years of Fairytales” challenge, where fans submitted their proposals for new LEGO sets. The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived as the winner of the Fan Vote has been announced. Brace yourselves for the enchanting world of Disney Magic, by @2A2A, soon to be transformed into an official LEGO Ideas set!

The Winning Set: Disney Magic

After careful consideration and an overwhelming response from the fans, the grand prize goes to Disney Magic! However, it’s important to acknowledge the incredible creativity and effort put forth by the three runner-up winners. They too deserve our congratulations for their outstanding submissions.

To commemorate Disney’s 100 years of fairytales, the creator of this winning model has crafted a mesmerizing scene that showcases Mickey Mouse unveiling the Magic of Disney stories! At the center of the set, we find Sorcerer Mickey from Fantasia, his cheerful smile brilliantly captured using meticulously designed LEGO bricks!

Within the magical cloud of dust, numerous mini-icons and beloved characters from Disney classics come to life. From Beauty and the Beast, we have Belle and the enchanted rose. The Little Mermaid brings Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian into the mix. The Lion King’s Pride Rock stands tall, while Aladdin’s Sultan’s palace and the flying Carpet add an element of wonder. Cinderella’s pumpkin coach, Stitch riding a wave, Elsa from Frozen showcasing her ice magic, and Pinocchio with his wooden raft from the chase with whale Monstro all contribute to this stunning display!

What’s Next for Disney Magic?

The winning LEGO Ideas submission, set to be a collaboration with Target, will now enter the development phase alongside other upcoming LEGO projects. Stay tuned for exciting updates on how you can get your hands on this magical set as we announce them!

The Journey Continues with a New Challenge!

LEGO Ideas challenges never cease! The LEGO Ideas Fairytales Challenge is over, but there is another one! The current challenge is all about celebrating Japanese culture. Are you ready to submit? For more details, check out our previous article on this intriguing contest.

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