LEGO Ideas First 2023 Review Results

LEGO Ideas First 2023 Review Results

by Andrea Certo

The LEGO Ideas platform has been buzzing with creativity and excitement as the LEGO Review Board meticulously evaluated 71 remarkable product ideas that reached the impressive milestone of 10,000 supporters. These submissions, gathered between early January 2023 and early May 2023, showcased the incredible passion of the LEGO community. The review board had the challenging task of selecting the most deserving projects for further development.

Exciting Developments

Currently, seven fan creations are in active development, each with its unique charm and appeal. These sets will be unveiled at different points in the future, promising an exciting lineup for LEGO enthusiasts!

Additionally, we remember the highly anticipated Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera! This was been recently revealed and already available for pre-orders! This stunning creation adds another gem to the LEGO Ideas collection, captivating fans worldwide.


Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera

  • Set code 21345
  • Pieces 516 PCS

Enjoy quality time capturing iconic details such as the viewfinder, Color Spectrum and exposure compensation dial, and add stickers with authentic graphics.

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LEGO Ideas First 2023 Review Results

Twilight: Cullen House

Fan Designer Nick Micheels, also known as LobsterThermidor, deserves applause for his exceptional work. As a dedicated Twilight fan, Nick embarked on the journey of recreating the iconic Cullen family house. This LEGO replica includes intricate details. Such as a brick-built wolf and Minifigure representations of beloved characters, allowing fans to relive their favorite movie moments.

The Botanical Garden

Valentina Bima, known as Goannas89, showcases her architectural prowess through her exquisite creation, The Botanical Garden. This fan design impresses with its meticulous attention to detail! From the stunning replica cast iron arches to the lively scenes featuring Minifigures and a diverse array of flora!

Design, Pricing, and Availability

As LEGO is still determining the final product design, pricing, and availability for these sets, they assure us that they will share more information on the LEGO Ideas blog as the launch approaches!

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Looking Ahead

The LEGO Review Board is already hard at work evaluating the next round of 10K product ideas, which consists of 49 submissions. These projects gained substantial support between early May 2023 and early September 2023. The results of the Second 2023 LEGO review period will be announced in early 2024, creating further anticipation and excitement within the LEGO community!

In Conclusion:

The LEGO Ideas platform continues to be a hub of innovation and imagination, empowering fans to turn their passion into tangible LEGO sets!

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