LEGO Ideas Pick a Brick Builds now available for purchase

LEGO Ideas Pick a Brick Builds now available for purchase

by Luca Piva

Some time ago LEGO Ideas launched a contest in which fans could submit projects for small LEGO builds, under 200 pieces. Now, with an official post on LEGO Ideas’ website, we have the results of that contest, and we are able to purchase the winning sets with a totally new format: LEGO Ideas Pick a Brick Builds.

What is Pick a Brick Builds?

Pick a Brick Builds is a new format on the official LEGO website: with it, you can now download free instructions of small LEGO Ideas sets, and buy all the required pieces on Pick a Brick with a simple click!

To celebrate the launch of our new Pick a Brick experience, we challenged some of the community’s top designers to show us what they can do with just 200 pieces.
There were hundreds of great entries, and now here is your chance to try your hand at building the winning builds! Simply choose a fan designer build below, and with just a few clicks you can purchase a hand-selected pack filled with the bricks and elements to build it yourself.
Customize your build with the bricks you already have at home, or add extra bricks to your basket.

LEGO Ideas Team

If you don’t know what Pick a Brick is, I recomend you to read our full guide.

How to order LEGO Ideas Pick a Brick Builds?

Ordering one of the new Pick a Brick Builds is quite simple:

  1. Choose the Pick a Brick Build that you want to purchase, visiting this page
  2. Download the free digital instructions
  3. Add all the required pieces on Pick a Brick by clicking on the button “Pick all Pieces”
  4. Complete the order and wait for delivery

You should be aware that you will receive only the pieces in a plastic bag, as with every regular Pick a Brick order. There will be no box nor printed instructions whit Pick a Brick Builds.

As stated in this banner LEGO Ideas Pick a Brick Build is still in beta test phase, so some features might not work perfectly yet.

All the Pick a Brick Builds currently available

Here a quick recap of the models currently available for purchase. Which is your favourite?


Fan Designer David from England was inspired by the glamour of old Hollywood’s vintage billboards to create a build that allows for maximum creative expression. Challenge a friend to create the prettiest, ugliest or silliest sign you can. Or add a special message and leave it on a desk or table for someone special to find. The double-sided frame holds a panel that can easily be removed to work on. You can even slide in a favorite photograph.


Fan Designer Marcos from Argentina tapped into his passion for research and discovery to create this detailed cybernetic explorer with pet robot friend. Together, they walk across and explore a mysterious planet. The figures are poseable and can be easily rebuilt into different humanoid or animal figures. Use the extra pieces to customize any way you want.


Fan Designer Steven from the USA was inspired by the seasonal colors and variety of plant pieces he found in the LEGO® palette. Modifying the Greenhouse scene is easy and creative. From spring flowers to a pumpkin for autumn, arrange the seasons yourself by using different colors and elements. Take turns with a friend or family member to see how quickly you can rebuild the seasonal scene.


Fan Designer Martin from England wanted to expand the world of LEGO® City by creating unique and colorfully detailed market stalls that could transform to fit any city scene, from modern to medieval. You can customize the markets by rearranging or adding other food elements or changing up the canopy colors.


Fan designer Quinten from the USA wondered what would happen if he built a race car that was strong enough to support customization, again and again. He created this modular set of two cars each with a chassis that is lightweight enough to race and sturdy enough to support the addition of whatever custom details you can dream up. Swap the panels or mix and match panels from other cars to make a brand new racer every time.


Fan Designer Maria from Greece created this modular garden to work as a small diorama that can be built again and again. Anchored by 3 baseplates you can shift into different configurations, you ‘plant’ the garden beds by adding different elements such as flowers, trees and ornaments. Perfect for families to build together, because the gardens can grow and be tended by builders of all ages.


Fan Designer Joshua from the USA tapped into his memories of living on a tropical island to create this collection of colorfully creative fish. Each fish has a head, middle and tail, which can be mixed and matched to create whatever kind of fish you can imagine. There’s even a sandy patch with a crab and coral reef to complete the display.