All the upcoming LEGO Ideas sets – April 2023

All the upcoming LEGO Ideas sets – April 2023

by Giovanni Ferrandes

Recently, the number of approved sets has grown considerably! So it may be useful to summarize all the approved IDEAS projects that are ready to become official LEGO Ideas sets!

With over one million registered users, the LEGO Ideas platform is in better shape than ever, with hundreds of projects uploaded every month!

The process that leads to the production of a new Ideas set is simple: it starts with an initial screening of projects by the community, and ends with a selection made directly by a team of technicians, marketing experts, and official LEGO designers.

Through a voting system, the community votes for the best projects which, once they reach 10,000 preferences, are added to the queue of projects destined to be evaluated (and either rejected or confirmed) directly by the LEGO Ideas team of technicians and designers.

The images shown here represent the projects as they were uploaded by their respective users, and not their final design: we also remind you that all these projects will be subject to the usual modifications (slight, or sometimes more substantial) dictated by the LEGO Ideas team. Let’s get started!

Tribute to Galileo Galilei

Fan Designer: Firecracker_

In June 2022, LEGO announced the winning project of the Ready, Set, Go STEM! contest, which invited users to create a LEGO Shop set dedicated to science, technology, and mathematics. The set is now in the redesign phase and it will probably be available this year!

Hocus Pocus: The Sandersons’ Sisters Cottage

Fan Designer: TheAmbrinator

The project is inspired by the 1993 Walt Disney Pictures film Hocus Pocus. This is the famous home of the Sanderson sisters, Winifred, Mary, and Sarah, made with great precision and a high level of detail: the interiors are very accurate, as well as the minifigures.

(Winifred Sanderson, Sarah Sanderson, Mary Sanderson, Max Dennison, Dani Dannison, Allison, Emily Binx, Thackery Binx, Binx (cat varsion), Billy Butcherson, Ernie e Jay)

This set is definitely aimed at an adult audience who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s. However, it’s not impossible that younger fans could also appreciate this wonderful tribute, especially following the recent release of Hocus Pocus 2.

Viking Village

Fan Designer: BrickHammer

LEGO and the Target supermarket chain collaborated to create this set, which will be exclusively available at Target. However, it has already been announced that the LEGO Shop will distribute the set worldwide, making it accessible to all LEGO fans residing outside the United States!

LEGO Insects

Fan Designer: hachiroku24

The “Botanical” parenthesis introduced by LEGO has entered the hearts of many LEGO fans, and this project is a perfect example of it: through one of the upcoming LEGO Ideas sets, it will be possible to build butterflies, beetles, praying mantises, and ladybugs in LEGO version.

The Orient Express, a Legendary Train

Fan Designer: LEt.sGO

Here is the project dedicated to the Orient Express, featuring the iconic Pacific PLM 231 K 8 locomotive and passenger carriage from the International Night Wagon Company.

Tales of Space Age

Fan Designer: JohnCarter

A composition of three space-themed artwork pieces, featuring a rocket taking off, an alien landscape, and a meteor swarm, all made with LEGO bricks! As always, the final design may be different, and, in this case, even the number of artwork pieces represented may change.

Polaroid OneStep SX-70

Fan Designer: Marc (Minibrick Productions)

The legendary Polaroid, in LEGO version! The model includes an internal mechanism that allows the reproduction of the film’s movement as it exits the Polaroid’s cartridge, replicating the development of the just-taken photograph. Also included is a “pack” of SX-70 film.

Your Family Tree

Lego Designer: BulldoozerBuilder

This is a project dedicated to family and the moments spent together with loved ones. It was selected as the winner of the “What Does Family Mean to You?” contest, and this new set is also a collaboration with Target US, but worldwide distribution is planned.

Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End

Fan Designer: BoltBuilds

This project, the winner of a Dungeons & Dragons themed contest, will be part of the official LEGO Ideas sets for the 50th anniversary of D&D.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Fan Designer: Tvrulesmylife

Directly from Tim Burton’s movie, here’s an Ideas project dedicated to Nightmare Before Christmas and its protagonist, Jack Skellington! Jack’s house is reproduced with a high level of detail, featuring its unstable and uncertain architecture. The project includes minifigures of Jack, Sally, and the dog Zero, as well as a branch with a full moon in the background.

In the future, we will find out if the final design will live up to the original project and if there will be any variations in the number of included minifigures!

Red London Telephone Box

Fan Designer: Bricked1980

The most recent approved Ideas project is dedicated to a historic urban element that is a symbol of the United Kingdom: the iconic red telephone box with an attached mailbox.

The announcement comes as a bit of a surprise, followed by two doubts: the first is certainly related to the subject itself, which in fact does not stand out for its originality and will force the future set to compete with an infinity of existing models and miniatures dedicated to English telephone boxes.

The second doubt is related to the effectiveness of these cabins in being a “symbol” of England. The number of boxes scattered throughout the United Kingdom is decreasing year by year, and this progressive replacement is making the iconicity of this urban element increasingly weaker.

List of upcoming LEGO Ideas sets

Here is a quick overview of all the projects that are about to become real LEGO Ideas sets!

NameFan DesignerApproval date
Tribute to Galileo GalileiFirecracker_20 Giugno 2022
Hocus Pocus – The Sanderson Sisters’ CottageTheAmbrinator12 Luglio, 2022
Viking VillageBrickHammer17 Agosto 2022
LEGO Insectshachiroku2425 Ottobre 2022
The Orient Express, a Legendary TrainLEt.sGO25 Ottobre 2022
Tales of the Space AgeJohnCarter25 Ottobre 2022
Polaroid OneStep SX-70Minibrick Productions25 Ottobre 2022
Your Family TreeBulldoozerBuilder7 Dicembre 2022
Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s EndBoltBuilds5 Gennaio 2022
The Nightmare Before ChristmasTvrulesmylife8 Febbraio 2023
Red London Telephone BoxBricked19808 Febbraio 2023

Today it’s not possible to predict with certainty when these sets will be officially released: the review process takes several months and usually a project becomes “officially a set” about a year after being selected.

An example of this is the LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin set (21338), which is arrived on shelves practically a year after being selected (in February 2022). The set was created by the Fan Designer Andrea Lattanzio, whom we interviewed here!

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