LEGO Chewbacca (75371): A Giant Tribute to a Legendary Wookiee

LEGO Chewbacca (75371): A Giant Tribute to a Legendary Wookiee

by Andrea Certo

An Iconic Star Wars Character in LEGO Form

Star Wars fans, rejoice! The 40th anniversary of “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” is being marked in a truly unique way. Say hello to the LEGO Star Wars 75371 Chewbacca, a build-and-display figure that stands over 46 cm (18 in.) tall. This towering tribute to everyone’s favorite Wookiee is sure to turn heads and spark conversations.



Star Wars
  • Set code 75371
  • Pieces 2319 PCS
  • Minifigures included 1

Includes a plaque with information about the character, plus a Chewbacca LEGO minifigure with a stud-shooting bowcaster.

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A Rewarding Build Experience

This buildable Chewbacca figure promises a rewarding experience for LEGO enthusiasts. Guided by easy-to-follow instructions, you can channel your creative Force to recreate Chewbacca’s hairy body, his bandolier, and giant bowcaster in LEGO style. The built-in display stand and plaque with character information add a professional touch to the final display.

More Than Just a Display Figure

This Chewbacca model isn’t just for display. It includes a Chewbacca LEGO minifigure armed with a stud-shooting bowcaster. So, whether you’re a collector or you enjoy recreating iconic Star Wars scenes, this set offers a galaxy of possibilities.

Part of a Collectible Series

Joining the ranks of the 75308 R2-D2, this buildable Chewbacca model is part of a series of LEGO Star Wars build-to-display characters. It’s a fantastic addition to any Star Wars collection and makes for a great gift for adult Star Wars fans and collectors.

Our Take on the Set

In a galaxy far, far away, Chewbacca might be a fearless warrior, but in LEGO form, he seems a little more clumsy than intimidating. While the set is a faithful representation of the character, we feel that the final result is a bit more awkward than we would have liked.

Despite this, we’re sure Star Wars fans will appreciate the effort that has gone into creating this iconic character in LEGO form. After all, who could resist owning a LEGO Chewbacca?

Availability and Further Updates

Set your reminders! The LEGO Chewbacca (75371) will be available from September 1st, but you can already pre-order it. To keep up with all the latest updates in real time, don’t forget to follow us on our Telegram channel and keep an eye on the news section of this website.


Whether you’re a Star Wars enthusiast or a LEGO aficionado, this towering tribute to Chewbacca offers a unique building experience and a striking display piece. Despite its slight awkwardness, it’s an endearing interpretation of a beloved character. So, why not add a little Wookiee charm to your collection?

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