The LEGO 40634 Icons of Play set brings Women’s Soccer to the field

The LEGO 40634 Icons of Play set brings Women’s Soccer to the field

“Icons of Play: Unleash Your Inner Soccer Fan with this LEGO Buildable Set”

LEGO has just announced yet another new set to be released in June (find the full list of next month’s news here). For the first time we have a LEGO set dedicated to the sport of women’s soccer, with lots of minifigures and some game modes.

Introducing Icons of Play, a captivating LEGO set that captures the spirit of soccer and lets you relive the thrill of the pitch. Get ready to construct your very own indoor soccer field, complete with renowned players, goalposts, and more.


Icons of Play

  • Set code 40634
  • Pieces 899 PCS
  • Minifigures included 15

A playable indoor soccer toy with movable goalie and 1 vs. 1 player function.

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Icons of Play: Unleash Your Inner Soccer Fan with this LEGO Buildable Set

Celebrate the artistry and athleticism of soccer with the LEGO Icons of Play set. This exceptional buildable toy is designed to delight soccer fans aged 12 and up. Step into the world of soccer legends with 15 meticulously crafted minifigures representing iconic players from around the globe. From the crafty and creative Megan Rapinoe to the multi-talented Yūki Nagasato, each minifigure showcases the unique skills and style of their real-life counterparts.

Immerse yourself in the action as you construct a half soccer field complete with a goal and VAR (Video Assistant Referee) station. The stands come alive with a detailed scoreboard, while a ceremonial stage adds an extra touch of grandeur. This set goes beyond just being a stunning display piece; it is a fully playable indoor soccer toy that will ignite your imagination.

Unleash unstoppable play with the movable goalie and 1 vs. 1 player function, allowing you to recreate epic soccer moments or invent your own thrilling scenarios.

Once the game is over, the half soccer field measures 20 cm in height and 36 cm in width, making it a striking centerpiece for any display. Showcase your passion for soccer and capture the essence of the game with this remarkable LEGO set.

Key Features of the LEGO Icons of Play Set

  • Set Name: Icons of Play
  • Set Theme: Other
  • Set Number: 40634
  • Price: €99.99
  • Launch Date: Coming Soon on 6th June 2023
  • Number of Pieces: 899
  • Minifigures Included: 15 iconic soccer players
  • Dimensions: 20 cm (height) x 36 cm (width)
  • Main Features: Immerse yourself in the world of soccer legends with this buildable set, featuring a playable indoor soccer field, movable goalie, 1 vs. 1 player function, detailed scoreboard, ceremonial stage, and 15 minifigures representing famous soccer players.

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