Train Bookends: A new LEGO Ideas Project Hits 10000 Supporters

Train Bookends: A new LEGO Ideas Project Hits 10000 Supporters

by Andrea Certo

A New Track for LEGO Enthusiasts

The LEGO Ideas platform is a bustling hub of creativity, where LEGO fans from all over the world showcase their brilliant ideas and unique creations. Today, we’re excited to share with you a set that combines the charm of vintage locomotives with a practical, innovative design: the Train Bookends! This project, with its remarkable attention to detail and multifunctional aspect, has recently hit the milestone of 10000 supporters! And has the potential to become a cherished addition to any adult LEGO collector’s stash.

All Aboard the Book Express!

The Train Bookends project is a LEGO Ideas submission that brings a refreshing twist to your bookshelf. It features a classic steam train chugging through a tunnel, the ends of which serve as bookends for your books, console games, DVDs, or any other items you might have on your shelf.

The set comes with a meticulously designed steam train, complete with a driver and four passenger minifigures. The locomotive and train carriage roofs are removable, allowing easy access to the minifigures inside. The sides of the carriage are adorned with the words “Book Express”, further adding to its charm.

The tunnel openings are surrounded by overgrown greenery, giving them a natural look. Each opening is labeled “Book Tunnel”, and the bookends are equipped with rubber feet and weight bricks to ensure stability. This prevents them from sliding, making them as practical as they are visually appealing.

The project comprises 1038 pieces, and each bookend measures 168 mm in length, 112 mm in width, and 141 mm in height. The design offers the illusion of a train journeying through a tunnel in your books, offering both practicality and playability. It’s worth noting that the books depicted are for illustrative purposes only and are not part of the set.

Your Ticket to LEGO Updates

This imaginative and ingenious LEGO Ideas project has reached the threshold of 10000 supporters, which means it will now enter the review phase by the LEGO team! In a few months, we’ll find out if it will be approved as an official LEGO set.

If you want to learn more about how LEGO Ideas Program works, you can read our guide about it!

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So, all aboard the NerdCube train for an exciting journey into the world of LEGO. The next stop? Hopefully, it’s the “Book Tunnel”!