A quick review of the 3 LEGO Star Wars Day 2023 GWPs

A quick review of the 3 LEGO Star Wars Day 2023 GWPs

by Luca Piva

LEGO Starw Wars Day 2023 is upon us, and for this important occasion LEGO has sent us the three GWPs in preview for this review: a Polybag, a Coin and an Exclusive set.

In case you missed it, the event will start on May 1st and will last until the 7th. There will be many Star Wars-themed promotions, to know them in detail, we invite you to read our guide to Star Wars Day 2023.

LEGO Star Wars Gift with Purchases

LEGO Star Wars Day is known for its exclusive GWPs on LEGO Star Wars products. This year we are getting three of them:

Polybag X-Wing Starfighter (30654)

This little LEGO Polybag allows us to build a miniature version of the X Wing (spaceship that will also be released as a new UCS set). On the front of the plastic bag we find the logo for the 40th anniversary of the film “Return of the Jedi”, which, as we will see, we will also find on the other gifts.

This Polybag will be a gift with LEGO Star Wars purchases over 40€, from may 1st to 7th.

Value 3,99€

X-Wing Starfighter (Polybag)

Star Wars
  • Set code 30654
  • Pieces 87 PCS

Soar among the stars with this miniature of the iconic spaceship!

Get it at LEGO.com

VIP Coin Set Return of The Jedi 40th Collectible (5007840)

We now come to the most unusual GWP of the three. In fact we are not faced with LEGO bricks, but with a very different collector’s item. It is a small box, inside which we find:

  • A piece of blue plastic representing the construction plans for the Death Star 2
  • A metal coin with the Orbital Battle Station on one side and the LEGO Star War logo on the other
  • A card that can be positioned to block the box in open position for display.

This exclusive Coin Set will be a gift with LEGO Star Wars purchases over 85€, from may 1st to 7th.

Value 14,99€

Return of The Jedi 40th Collectible

Star Wars
  • Set code 5007840

A stunning commemorative coin for the 40th anniversary of the film Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Get it at LEGO.com

Death Star II (40591)

The latest GWP is also the most exclusive, and certainly the most desired. In this case we have a real exclusive set that allows us to build the Death Star 2 in microscale. It stands on a black plinth, so it can be displayed in any orientation, and it even features a 40th anniversary “Return of the Jedi” movie commemorative brick!

This brick is printed, and has no stickers, to the delight of fans.

The exclusive set 40591 Death Star II will be a gift with LEGO Star Wars purchases over 150€, from may 1st to 7th.

Value 24,99€

Death Star II

Star Wars
  • Set code 40591
  • Pieces 289 PCS

Bring back memories of dramatic Star Wars: Return of the Jedi moments with this miniature build-and-display model!

Get it at LEGO.com

Our final thoughts on these LEGO Star Wars GWPs


LEGO Star Wars day GWPs are often the most desired by collectors, so every year LEGO has to do a big job to select interesting items that do not disappoint.

The good

  • The minimum expenditure thresholds to obtain the three GWPs seem reasonable and by no means unattainable. Since the freebies can be combined, with a minimum purchase of €150 you can get all 3 in one fell swoop.
  • The polybag certainly has added value for those who will also buy the new UCS set of the X-Wing, because in this way they will receive two different versions of the same spaceship.
  • The metal coin seemed to us to be of excellent quality, with well-defined details
  • The exclusive set certainly looks very good as a display item, and having a commemorative brick printed on it is very positive.

The not so good

  • No minifigures this year, least of all exclusives.
  • The packaging of the set with the collectible coin is not exceptional: the lid of the box is quite empty (they could have added some more graphics) and the internal cardboard separator, the one that holds the coin in place, seems to be made of very cheap material and maybe fragile.

Thanks to LEGO for submitting these items for review. The views expressed in this article are those of the author.