Review: LEGO Houses of the World 2 (40590)

Review: LEGO Houses of the World 2 (40590)

by Andrea Certo

Introducing the Houses of the World 2 (40590) LEGO set, the latest addition to the new LEGO microscale series! This 270 pieces set, inspired by the unique architectural styles of North Africa, is a great display of a microscale house.

Value 19,99€

Houses of the World 2

  • Set code 40590
  • Pieces 270 PCS

A typical North-African house, now built as micro-scale LEGO set!

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The “Houses of the World” series today

The ‘Houses of the World’ series is recent, but already popular with Lego fans! The new ‘Houses of the World 2’ (40590) set is impressive! It is a Gift With Purchase for orders over 250€, like the first of the series (40583). This suggests us that future sets in the series, with codes 40594 and 40599, may have a similar fate.

Our review of House of the World 2

The Houses of the World series’ first set was praised for its accuracy and detail. The new set follows that tradition with carefully crafted stickers, colors, and shapes that impressively depicts the unique styles of North-African architecture.

While the set has many positives, there are a few cons to consider. The price point to get this GWP (250€) may be too high for some collectors, as it is still relatively high for a set of this size.

Moreover, labeling it as a “limited edition” on the packaging, when all GWP sets are, in fact, already limited, could be perceived as a marketing tactic aimed at inflating its value. Overall, this approach strikes us as unkind for the intelligence of collectors.

Despite this, we really like the series and collect it with pleasure! Building This set, which was kindly sent to us by LEGO for this review, was really fun to build! And discovering the various details of the construction excited us! We are always amazed by the ability to include so many details in such a small space. Our overall opinion is definitely positive!

Our final considerations

The worthy sequel to the first set of the series, perfectly in line with that!

The good

  • Good level of detail
  • Stickers accurately depict unique North African architectural styles
  • Part of a larger series with at least two more sets planned

The not so good

  • Price point to get if as Gift with Purchase may be too high for some collectors
  • Labeling as a “limited edition” may be seen as a marketing ploy