LEGO Icons 40586 Moving Truck: a quick review

LEGO Icons 40586 Moving Truck: a quick review

by Andrea Certo

Are you getting ready to move and don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! The LEGO Group has assembled a crack team of movers just for you. Introducing the LEGO Icons 40586 Moving Truck, the perfect solution for your next move. And the best part? It can be a gift when you spend over €180 on the LEGO Shop! Designed with adults in mind, this set is sure to provide hours of fun for anyone who loves LEGO and wants to tackle their next move with ease.

The Moving Truck set includes two LEGO minifigure movers who are on their way to deliver furniture to a jazz club. The set comes with furniture including a jukebox, a piano, and a dresser. The moving truck itself is a detailed truck with a removable roof and opening doors, which allows you to fit everything included in the set inside the truck.

Meet the moving crew…

One of the highlights of the minifigures in this set is their ability to switch expressions, adding an extra layer of fun and storytelling to your moving truck scene. The minifigures themselves are fairly simple, nothing that hasn’t been seen before, but their expressions of exhaustion and frustration are spot-on for anyone who’s experienced the trials and tribulations of moving. These little details may seem small, but they really do bring the set to life!

…and the stuff they’ll have to transport

The Jazz Club wouldn’t be complete without the groovy accessories that come with it! You’ll find a funky package with “to Jazz Club” printed on it, a slick two-wheeled cart, a jukebox with a pre-printed record, a jazzy saxophone painting, a stunning piano with a printed keyboard, with a jagged bottom piece that perfectly mimics a pedalboard!


Jazz Club

  • Set code 10312
  • Pieces 2899 PCS
  • Minifigures included 8

Ready for a night of big band music, jazz dancing and pizza? The LEGO Icons Jazz Club (10312) is your ticket to the best show…

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And don’t forget about the dresser with a chic lamp and an open drawer filled with coins – talk about attention to detail!

Last but not least: the Moving Truck itself!

The Moving Truck is more spacious than you might think at first glance, and building the front part with the radiator and cockpit was a real hoot!

But the truck’s best feature is hidden in the back: when you open the doors, you’ll find a secret ramp cleverly disguised as the truck’s floorboard. It slides out smoothly, giving your minifigures an easy way to load up the cart and transport all their goodies. Plus, the license plate even matches the set’s unique code, which is a cool little detail that ties everything together.


Alright! We’ve reached the end of this review and it’s time to sum up the pros and cons of the LEGO Icons 40586 Moving Truck set.

Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the good stuff! First off, the accessories are seriously cool and they match the Jazz Club vibe perfectly. And let’s not forget about the truck itself! It’s larger than it looks in the pictures and has a ton of fun details to discover. Plus, the hidden ramp is a really neat feature that adds to the playability of the set.


But, as with any set, there are some downsides. One major con is the fact that the truck only has room for one minifigure, so your other character will have to find an alternate means of transportation. And while the instructions do include a guide on how to fit all the furniture pieces inside the truck, it can be a bit of a challenge to get everything to fit just right. On the one hand, it’s like playing a game of real-life Tetris, which can be fun and engaging (as well as perfectly fitting with the theme!). But on the other hand, having to rearrange everything for photos and multiple play sessions can be a bit of a hassle.

The good

  • The accessories are really cool and match perfectly with the Jazz Club.
  • The truck is beautifully designed with lots of fun details to discover.
  • The instructions in the manual show you how to fit the “furniture” inside the truck, which is like playing a game of Tetris and can be fun and immersive.

The not so good

  • The truck only has one seat, so both minifigures can’t ride in it at the same time.
  • It can be a bit frustrating to have to fit everything back inside the truck after taking it out to rearrange and take photos (which we did multiple times for this review)!

All in all, while the price tag for this set is quite high compared to other GWP sets, it’s worth noting that this is essentially a full-fledged set that could easily be sold separately, and the quality is much higher than that of recent GWP sets (which were still of excellent quality, mind you). Plus, it complements our beloved Jazz Club set perfectly, so we can’t help but give this set a glowing review!


Moving Truck

  • Set code 40586
  • Pieces 301 PCS
  • Minifigures included 2

The LEGO Group has assembled a crack team of movers just for help you! Introducing the LEGO Icons 40586 Moving Truck!

Buy now at LEGO.com

Thanks to The LEGO group for sending us this copy of the set for review, all opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.