Bricklink announces a MOC Pop-Up Store coming this autumn

Bricklink announces a MOC Pop-Up Store coming this autumn

by Luca Piva

Bricklink has exciting news for adult LEGO collectors! Introducing the MOC Pop-Up Store, a pilot program that brings you a curated selection of fan-made LEGO designs for purchase. This innovative initiative allows you to buy the necessary elements and digital building instructions to create your favorite BrickLink Designer Program (BDP) submissions that didn’t make it into official series. Get ready to dive into a world of limitless possibilities and create your own masterpieces!

Explore Unique LEGO Designs with Bricklink’s MOC Pop-Up Store

BrickLink understands that LEGO fans possess boundless creativity, and the MOC Pop-Up Store is a testament to their talents. This unique platform enables fan designers to sell their digital building instructions alongside the loose bricks needed to bring their creations to life. With the MOC Pop-Up Store, you can finally have access to exceptional LEGO designs that didn’t make it into the final BDP series.

How Bricklink’s MOC Pop-Up Store Works: From Selection to Purchase

BrickLink employs a meticulous process to ensure that the designs available through the MOC Pop-Up Store meet the highest standards. First, select BDP submissions that have undergone Crowd Validation but didn’t become finalists are invited to participate in the pilot. These designs then go through an additional internal approval process to ensure they only contain LEGO elements currently in production and that the building instructions meet BrickLink’s quality requirements.

Once the selection process is complete, participating fan designers will open their own BrickLink Marketplace store, allowing them to sell their digital building instructions. To purchase the desired designs, you simply need to follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Choose Your Stores

BrickLink does the heavy lifting for you by finding a combination of stores that carry all the required pieces for your chosen designs. You’ll have access to a mix of BrickLink stores and LEGO Pick a Brick, ensuring you get the best deals available.

Step 2: Check Out

BrickLink adds the selected elements from various stores and the corresponding digital building instructions to your cart. It’s time to review your order and proceed to checkout, eagerly awaiting the arrival of your parts!

Step 3: Get Excited!

When your parts arrive, the real fun begins. Start building and let your imagination take flight. Witness your chosen designs come to life, and enjoy the satisfaction of creating unique LEGO creations that reflect your personal style and preferences.


To answer some common questions about the MOC Pop-Up Store, let’s delve into the frequently asked questions:

What is the MOC Pop-Up Store?

The MOC Pop-Up Store is BrickLink’s reboot of the MOC Shop concept, offering fans the opportunity to purchase building instructions and loose parts for fan designs submitted to BDP Series 1 & Series 2 that didn’t make it as finalists for crowdfunding.

How long will the MOC Pop-Up Store pilot run?

The pilot program will run from the end of August to mid-November, allowing ample time to explore the available designs and place your orders. After the pilot concludes, BrickLink will evaluate the program’s success and determine the next steps.

Why are only BDP Series 1 & Series 2 submissions featured on the MOC Pop-Up Store?

BrickLink understands the demand for popular BrickLink Designer Program creations. By focusing on BDP Series 1 & Series 2 submissions, which already have high-quality building instructions and LEGO elements in stock, the MOC Pop-Up Store ensures a smooth and fulfilling experience for collectors. This approach guarantees an adequate supply of LEGO bricks to fulfill orders in the short term

More FAQs are available on this page.

An Improved Experience: MOC Pop-Up Store vs. BrickLink MOC Shop

You might be wondering how the MOC Pop-Up Store differs from its predecessor, the BrickLink MOC Shop. The MOC Pop-Up Store introduces significant improvements to enhance your experience. Unlike the unlimited scope of parts in the previous version, the MOC Pop-Up Store focuses on a curated selection of designs based on the active element palette. This ensures that both Marketplace sellers and LEGO Pick a Brick can fulfill orders, making it a sustainable and profitable marketplace.

Join the LEGO Revolution!

Are you ready to embark on a LEGO journey like no other? Don’t miss out on the MOC Pop-Up Store pilot program, an exciting opportunity to explore unique LEGO designs and bring your own creations to life. With a wide range of fan-made designs available for purchase, the MOC Pop-Up Store opens doors to endless customization possibilities.

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