Double VIP points, Discounts and a new GWP starting from 10 February

Double VIP points, Discounts and a new GWP starting from 10 February

by Luca Piva

Starting from Friday 10 February there will be three different promotions on LEGO.com, that can be combined for some interesting savings!

  1. Double VIP points
  2. Discounts on selected LEGO sets
  3. LEGO City 40582 4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue as Gift with Purchase
  4. VIP Rewards

1) Double VIP Points

As we anticipated in this article, from Friday 10/02/2023 to Thursday 16/02/2023LEGO VIP members will be able to get Double VIP Points on every purchase.

Double VIP points, mean more or less, a 10% cashback on every purchase on LEGO.com, and they are often the best way to save money on exclusive LEGO sets, that can only be purchased on LEGO.com and that otherwise would be very hard to find on sale.

You can learn more about the LEGO VIP program in our guide.

2) Discounts on selected LEGO sets

LEGO has confirmed to NerdCube’s staff that a selection of sets will be available on sale, while stocks last. Here the list of the discount anticipated so far:

3) LEGO City 40582 4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue as Gift with Purchase

The set LEGO City 40582 4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue, that we presented in this article, will be available from 10 to 27 February, as gift with purchases over 100€, while stocks last.


4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue

  • Set code 40582
  • Pieces 162 PCS
  • Minifigures included 3

Off-Road emergency? With the 4×4 Ambulance ready to rescue, no road accident or missing persons case will pose a problem!

Buy now at LEGO.com

4) VIP Rewards

2100 VIP points

Birthday Diorama

VIP Reward
  • Set code 40584
  • Pieces 157 PCS
  • Minifigures included 2

The set includes lots of colorful birthday details, including balloons, a candle, cakes, gifts and “Happy Birthday” signage. There are also 2 minifigures to add…

Redeeem now at LEGO.com

More VIP Points means more VIP Rewards too!
The VIP Rewards section is loaded with fun gadgets and exclusive deals, such as an admission ticket to the LEGO House or the amazing LEGO 40585 World of Wonders and LEGO 40584 Birthday Diorama sets (which we wrote a specific article about, which you can find HERE)!

2700 VIP points

World of Wonders

VIP Reward
  • Set code 40585
  • Pieces 382 PCS

he set includes LEGO brick-built versions of the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, the Parthenon and Petra’s Al-Khazneh

Redeeem now at LEGO.com

Are you ready for the combo?

In conclusion, LEGO fans have a lot to look forward to starting from Friday 10th February, with three exciting promotions on LEGO.com. VIP members can take advantage of Double VIP Points, which can result in a 10% cashback on their purchases or in rewards like exclusive gadget and sets! In addition, a selection of LEGO sets will be available for purchase at a discount, including popular themes such as LEGO Icons, Technic, and more. Lastly, customers who make a purchase over 100€ will receive the LEGO City 40582 4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue set as a gift. These promotions offer a unique opportunity for LEGO fans to save on their favorite products, so be sure to take advantage of them while they last!