LEGO Insiders Takes Off: Join the Treasure Hunt Today!

LEGO Insiders Takes Off: Join the Treasure Hunt Today!

by Andrea Certo

LEGO has officially transformed its VIP Program into the LEGO Insiders! That infusing a fresh gust of excitement for LEGO lovers worldwide. If you’re new to this, don’t fret! It’s the same beloved program with added avenues to earn points. All your current points are safe, and can still be used for discounts, rare collectibles and much more! You can find a more in-depth article here, covering all the most significant changes!

To celebrate the launch of LEGO Insiders, LEGO has orchestrated a thrilling Treasure Hunt! You can participate for a chance to amass a staggering one-million-point prize along with other exciting rewards! The hunt is on from now until October 2nd. All you need to do is use the LEGO Builder app to scan LEGO bricks, hunt for a golden LEGO brick, and uncover a prize. If fortune favors you, you could be one of six lucky winners of the million-point jackpot! Additional rewards include instant digital downloads and more!

What are the prizes for this treasure hunt?

The LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt is a global competition that invites you to win from millions of prizes concealed within your very own LEGO bricks. Six winners will be announced every week until October 2nd, giving you the chance to become a LEGO millionaire! Even if you don’t hit the jackpot, you still stand a chance to win other prizes! Including digital comic book makers, LEGO game unlocks, and digital downloads of iconic images from LEGO’s history.

How can I partecipate to the LEGO Insider Treasure Hunt?

Participating in the hunt is simple. Firstly, visit the page of the LEGO Insider Treasure Hunt anytime between now and October 2nd, 2023. Additionally, if you don’t have a LEGO brick at hand, you can conveniently visit your nearest LEGO Store to scan there or share the fun with a friend at their house. Furthermore, winners are notified on the spot and receive a unique code to claim their prize on the LEGO Insiders website.

LEGO Insiders aims to make the LEGO experience even more rewarding. With exclusive events, special gifts, early access to coveted new sets, and limited-edition products, LEGO Insiders promises a world of play and plenty of surprises.

Join the LEGO Insiders and embark on this exciting treasure hunt today! For more news and updates, follow us on our Telegram channel and stay tuned to the news section on this website!

Let the hunt begin!

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