LEGO VIP is changing and becoming LEGO Insiders

LEGO VIP is changing and becoming LEGO Insiders

by Luca Piva

The world of LEGO collectors and enthusiasts is about to experience a significant shift as the beloved LEGO VIP program undergoes a transformation and emerges as LEGO Insiders. With over a decade of rewarding fans for their dedication, the new program promises to elevate the experience for adult collectors, offering exciting new features and exclusive perks.

Introducing LEGO Insiders: Where Loyalty Meets Play

For more than 14 years, the LEGO VIP program has been a cornerstone of the LEGO community, providing loyal fans with points for purchases and access to exclusive rewards. Now, with the evolution into LEGO Insiders, the horizon of opportunities expands even further.

The new program logo

This reimagined program will not only maintain the cherished points system but also introduce fresh and engaging features tailored to adult LEGO enthusiasts.

Unveiling the New Features

The press release reveals a host of exciting changes that come with the LEGO Insiders program:

  1. Streamlined Accounts: One platform to rule them all. All LEGO-related accounts for members aged 18 and above, including LEGO VIP, checkout, LEGO Life magazine, LEGO apps, and LEGO Ideas, will be consolidated into a single cohesive account. This simplification ensures easier account management, seamless point earning and spending, and access to exclusive offers.
  2. Earn Points in New Ways: the program can now accumulate points through various avenues. Traditional methods like purchasing sets on LEGO.com and participating LEGO Stores continue… but there is a thrilling addition! The ability to earn points by registering previously purchased sets via QR codes found on building instructions! This exciting feature should be applicable to sets released from January 2019 onwards, featuring a unique QR code on their instruction manuals’ covers. While the program may extend its scope back to manuals from the summer of 2018, this has yet to be confirmed. Every manual can be scanned only once, yet all codes are distinct, allowing you to scan multiple copies of the identical set.
  3. Redeem Points for Exciting Rewards: The LEGO Insiders Reward Centre offers a treasure trove of rewards. Points can be exchanged for discounts on sets, member-only merchandise, and entries into sweepstakes for coveted collectibles, among other possibilities.
  4. Enhanced Member Benefits: LEGO Insiders will enjoy early access to sets, exclusive content, digital family entertainment, and unique activities. Members can also expect surprise gifts when purchasing specific sets! And they’ll be among the first to receive details about exclusive in-store events.
  5. Community Connection: this new program provides a platform for fans to connect and inspire each other. From sharing designs on LEGO Ideas to becoming part of the vibrant LEGO Insiders Communit. The program fosters a sense of camaraderie among enthusiasts.

Countdown to the Launch

The much-anticipated LEGO Insiders program is set to debut on August 21st, 2023. This launch marks a new era of rewarding play and fostering connections within the LEGO universe. To stay updated and learn more about the program, visit the official page at www.LEGO.com/Insiders.

We are thrilled to unveil LEGO Insiders – a world of exciting experiences and exclusive rewards including member discounts, gifts, and digital experiences for our new and existing fans alike. At the LEGO Group we believe that play should be rewarded, so our updated programme makes it easier than ever for people to enjoy all the benefits of being a LEGO fan, whilst adding new ways for them to connect with fellow builders and to share the joy of play through a global community.”

Jason Whiting, Global LEGO® Insiders Director

Join the LEGO Insiders Community – Your Invitation Awaits!

The countdown to the launch of LEGO Insiders begins! Now is the perfect time to dive into this new era of LEGO fandom. The world of LEGO collectors, enthusiasts, and adult fans is coming together in an unparalleled community of play and rewards. Don’t miss out on this exciting journey!

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